Jax Outdoor Gear - Jax is not Environmentally concious as they claim

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Jax Outdoor Gear is selling crested ducks in their stores.For those who don't know, crested ducks are the ones with the adorable poof on their head.

Unfortunately, it is a genetic defect, the fur is covering a part of their brain that has no scull, most are born with the brain outside their skull and breeding for these ducks is considered cruel. Those that do survive, have siezures and nuerological disorders. When he was sold to my husband, the sales associate told him that crested ducks are make great house pets. Way to try and make an extra buck.

My son was devistated when it died. Shame on them - they claim to care so much about the environment and about animals, it is all a ploy.

Green Marketing they call it.I will never purchase another thing from them and I hope that everhyone else sees through their schemes.

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Palatka, Florida, United States #671721

This is truly horrible.

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